step up your strength
training today

Whether beginning a fitness journey or pushing toward something new, Momentum Fitness helps you move better, feel better, and live better.  

Bootcamp classes will focus on strength, a touch of cardio and a whole lot of fun.

TRX Classes will use a variety of modalities but mostly bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. 

Class sizes will be up to five-ten people keeping it small and focused. Every class is different!

Class Schedule

Monday & Wednesday:  Bootcamp    5:00am



Tuesday & Thursday:        TRX            5:00am



Friday:                           Bootcamp   5:00am

Sunday:                         Spinning     9:00am


Personal Training or

Small Group Training








No matter your age it's always a good time to start a good fitness routine, however where do you start. Having a personal trainer to teach you about fitness is a great place to start.  Here at Momentum personal training is geared specifically toward individual goals.  These goals can be sport specific or general.  Workouts will be tailored to suit your needs and abilities.  

Do you have a workout buddy? You and up to two friends can enjoy a small group training session.  All ages welcomed. 


  • Personal Training        

    • $35.00 per session

    • 2 days a week     $240 Prepay (8 sessions @ $30/session)

    • 3 days a week     $300 Prepay (12 sessions @ $25/session)

  • Small Group (2-3 people)

    • ​Single session      $25/session per client
    • 2 days a week     $20/session per client

    • 3 days a week     $15/session per client

Or perhaps you would rather be in a class setting?  See Momentum's class schedule below.